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San Diego Product Photographer

We are a commercial product photography company based out of San Diego that offers many different options for product photography. Whatever you are looking for, we have you covered! Our different specialties include hero shots, eCommerce, lifestyle, and videography. If you already have a specific idea for how you want your product captured, we will work efficiently and accurately to make your vision a reality. But, if that is not you, don’t worry, our company takes pride in our creativity and ability to work with our clients to figure out the way that best portrays their awesome product!

What We Do



Our approach to lifestyle photography is to make a genuine connection between our work and the target audience viewing the photos. The image and the product in the image have to feel real and have to cause the intended effect on the viewer. To do this, we must capture the lifestyle imagery in the most natural manner possible, while trying to get across the message that our clients want. We achieve this with models, lighting, props, the background, and more.


Our product photography for eCommerce, Amazon, and selling online is our most sought-after photography service. This is our specialty. When we take photos of your product for your online store, our goal is to collaborate with you and your team so that we capture the product in a way aligned with your brand and ideals.

Betta Belt Hero Shot

Hero Shots

The hero shot of your product is the very first thing your customer will see. This photo has to stand out. And that’s exactly what we will do. After rigorously researching the market and cooperating with you and your team, we come up with and implement all the different ways to get through to your audience to truly connect with them. This includes capturing the product from the right angles, lighting, background, etc.

Product Videos

We don’t just capture photos, we can also take videos of your product. Our values and approach are the same when it comes to how we do our videography. Our videography projects turn out to be our favorites.

Previous Work

We have captured hundreds of different photos of products through all kinds of businesses in the San Diego community. Through this we have refined our craft and gained exposure to a diverse range of industries, so we will have a good idea of how to capture your business. Check out some of our past work below.

How We Work

Our main concern is to make sure your images come out as exceptional and we achieve this by getting a deep understanding of your brand, the market you are in, collaborating with you, and then using our expertise to have the photos taken in a method that brings all of this together.


Initial Chat

We start by first talking with you to figure out the goals you want to achieve with the product photography. From here, we move on to your ideas for the shoot and how you want your product captured. If you already have an exact vision for how you want the images to turn out, then we can hop straight into the shoot.


Planning The perfect Shoot

If you are a bit more unsure, our team can take your ideas and values and from there, build upon them with brainstorming and further research of your industry.  We will continue to collaborate with you until we have come upon the best method for getting photos of your product. At this point, our expert photographers will begin to shoot the product.


Getting the Perfect Shot

From here, we will keep shooting and perfecting the angles, lighting, scenery, and more based upon your feedback and our knowledge until you are overwhelmingly satisfied with the final product.

What Our Clients Have To Say


"Christophe will bring much more than his photography skills, he is a marketing expert! Willmus Creative is almost like a one-stop-shop, they studied our company and defined our audience expectations by targeting the right people. I am in the middle of rebranding and I needed photos of my products, he took some very professional photos which fit perfectly with my new website. I am extremely happy with Willmus Creative, these guys are the best! A few months later, I reached out to Christophe because I needed to update the headshots of my team. He came to my office and made everyone feel comfortable, I could not have asked for a better photographer, thank you again!"

- John


"We hired Willmus Creative (Photography & Videography) and they exceeded our expectations. From the initial communication, Christophe's attention to details was on point, he asked us a few questions to make sure he understood our vision and he executed it with perfection! The day of the shoot, Christophe and his team provided excellent service, they brought their drone and gave us amazing aerial footage of the properties. Inside, they captured all the angles with different lenses and professional lighting. I could not be happier with the results, the photos are sharp and vibrant, just like we wanted and the video is dynamic, crafted to our needs and absolutely breathtaking."

- Stefany

Get in Touch

Our passion is to take on new projects and interject our creativity and expertise into them in a way that gets our clients the image they want for their business. Feel free to reach out to us so we can discuss what you are looking for with product photography and we can begin working together!

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